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Workers’ Comp for Remote Employees—What Does It Cover?


Subcontractors and Workers’ Comp—When Might they Need to be Covered?

Workers’ Comp Process Pitfalls

Tips to Avoid Missteps During the Workers’ Comp Claims Process

employers workers comp responsibilities

Employer’s Responsibilities After an Employee Is Injured at Work

Although workplace accidents are scary to think about, having a plan can help you keep a cool head in a crisis.
workers comp exemptions

Who Qualifies for Workers’ Comp Exemptions?

Certain businesses can choose to file for a workers’ comp exemption, but there are some factors to consider before doing so.
Workers Comp Deadlines by State

Workers’ Comp Deadlines by State

Workers’ comp deadlines, which vary by state, determine how long employees have to report an injury or make a workers’ comp claim.
workers comp rates by state 2021

2021 Workers’ Comp Rates by State

2021 Workers’ compensation insurance rates will vary depending on a number of different factors, including your company’s payroll, employee job cl...

How to Calculate Workers’ Compensation Cost per Employee

Learn how to calculate workers’ comp cost per employee from the employee’s annual payroll, worker class codes, and state workers’ comp rates.
Reporting Employee Injuries - Workers Comp

How Long Does an Employee Have to Report an Injury?

Find out which factors determine how long employees have to report on-the-job injuries in order to qualify for workers’ compensation.